We can predict the future!


Actionable exchange rate predictions

Prediction.cloud gathers information from different data sources and can give extremely high-accuracy predictions using our powerful deep learning algorithm.

Make Quick Decisions

PredictionCloud enables you to create various scenarios by simply altering the determining factors.
With this knowledge you will easily identify what needs to be changed in order to increase he number of qualified visitors to your website.
You will be able to make the right decision today to achieve the best results tomorrow.

Timing matters. Often timing is the factor determining whether a project is successful or not. You can use PredictionCloud to help you decide the right amount you should invest in an AdWords Campaign, as well as the perfect timing for starting your campaign.

Your $10 investment today might render a good result, however it is quite possible that if you would spend the same $10 on an AdWords campaign on a different day, it could bring you twice as many clients!
Wouldn’t you want to know?

Your competition spends a lot of money on data-analysis hoping to learn from past trends. Your smart competition tries to predict the future trends.

Do you want to anticipate how circumstances might change and be able to adapt immediately? PredictionCloud makes this possible.

So how do we predict the future? We employ intelligent algorithms that learn to use your past data – such as number of visitors, traffic patters, referrals, bounce rates, exit pages and much more – to predict possible future trends with a high accuracy.




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